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Prepare for the future with metal roofing products

Although not regarded as traditional roofing material, metal roofing sheet supplier Phoenix Steels is quickly gaining popularity due to their amazing features. One of these incredible features it that metal can be used to mimic just about any style of roofing. Additional metal roofs have a very long-life expectancy, with up to 30 years and more. There are a few manufacturers that even offer a lifetime warranty, this shows the trust in value when selecting a metal roof. In this guide, we’ll discuss the important things you have to know about metal roofing before making an informed choice about what you need and want for your project.

Materials Used

Metal Roofing ProductsThe most popular metal roofing materials are aluminium and steel. They supply durability and are light weight, this comes in handy with shipping costs. Both steel and aluminium can be successfully moulded to form tiles or slates with no need for any further support. Aluminium can be readily transformed into visually attractive slate, cedar shakes, and tiles. These attributes coupled with the fact that aluminium doesn’t rust has made it a favourite selection for metal roofing. Before it’s fitted, it needs to be coated with a plastic coating in accordance with the individual taste of the homeowners.

The materials are formed into different sheets and shingles according to the need of the homeowners. Another benefit is the speed of setup, meaning that your home isn’t left open for quite a long time, thus reducing the damage brought on by unexpected weather changes. The majority of the metal roofing material can be found in the form of sheets; however, you may purchase these products as different shingles.


As metal is a non-combustible material, so you get decent fire-resistant rating. Because of the Class A rating, many financial companies deliver considerable discounts on home fire insurance when the roof is set up in home. However, it needs to be said that the fire rating of the whole roof isn’t like the fire rating of the substances used.

Thermal Conductivity

Metal roofing can also act as a great source of insulation, trapping the heat within the building or home. The R-value of the raw metal is generally low; however, the producers tend to add foam and other forms of insulation materials beneath the metal sheets to substantially increase the R-value.

Finally, metal roofing can easily be installed on just about any sort of roof that has a considerably low pitch. If the roof of your house has a very low pitch, we would recommend that you check the product information sheet supplied by the manufacturer to be certain the material will work nicely on your home property and if the guarantee will be considered.

If you’re planning to install a metal roof, don’t worry, you can contact the regional manufacturers in your region. They’ll send an expert to your house to ascertain the quantity of time and cost needed for the project. This is a great way to get an expert’s opinion on the best type of roofing for your home, or business. The initial cost of hiring a professional will pay off in the long run.

Apollo Live Wedding Band Agency Hire Perform Again

Brinsop Court is a British jewel hidden away in the Herefordshire countryside. With a Grade 1 listing, the Manor House offered a slice of sophistication for Rebecca and George’s regal day. The legacy of Brinsop Court dates back to the 13th century and became home to many successions of wealthy families. The manor house was the perfect location to transport the couple away from the hustle and bustle of their busy work driven world. Both extremely career orientated, it was important for their day to centre around each other, stripping away the noise of modernity.

vicky wedding singerTime seemed to flow like a tranquil river, Rebecca woke in a four poster bed surrounded by her brides maids. Breakfast, fit for the royal family, was served in the East dinning room at 6am. On the other side of the manor, the men woke to the sizzling smell of bacon. The house was the idea size to keep the traditional separation of bride from groom. They wed at noon in the luscious green gardens, serenaded by bird song, the bride walked down the isle. Apollo Soul, the couple’s careful chosen wedding band hire agency, volunteered the idea of playing the piano after the couple had exchanged vows. The Bride walked down the isle in silence, but the moments after their binding, was an explosion of moving music.

Apollo Soul organised the use of the rare 18th century piano, owned by Brinsop Court, and played classic such as Clair De Lune, Canon in D, and more. The couple were impressed with the range and skill of music offered by Apollo Soul. When the morning softened into the evening, the surrounding acres were transformed into a British style Garden Party. With white satan marquees, filled with baked delights in a homage to the great British Bake Off, several small carts that served bubbles and beer on tap, and traditional games such as croquet, and bowls set out on the surrounding lawns, the atmosphere was truly spectacular. Visit Apollo Live website for videos on their wedding day.

Brinsop court had provided the perfect wedding, but Apollo brought Soul and life to the reception party. Slightly different to what came before, the band prepared an array of sounds, from Elvis to Lionel, to Prince, the couple’s taste watered for classic love song. George asked the band help him write a small speech to introduce their first dance, ’Life is chaotic, life is loud, life pulls and pushes, life may have occasionally pinned me a as a fool, but I couldn’t help falling in love with you.’ Rebecca and George swayed to the slow, piano backed version of ‘Can’t help falling in love’, by Elvis Presley.

Apollo Soul’s set, set everyone dancing, including the staff, who wiggled as they walked serving appetisers on trays. The band took a short intermission break whilst the couple cut the cake in the bake off marquee. When they returned, the weather had taken a turn and in true British style, it was lashing down with rain. The couple had prepared, handing out blankets, brollies and wellies. Apollo Soul played Prince’s purple rain, evolving the lyrics to include the line, ‘I only wanted to see you dancing in the British rain’, the bride, and several family members, help her dress as she exchanged heels for boots and splashed in the puddles along to the music. The entire wedding party, and the staff at Brinsop applauded the performance by Apollo Soul, they really put life into live entertainment.